“Go Deeper in Committed,

Inclusive and Supportive Setting"

"Study Yoga

As a Complete System"


"Dedicated to Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2003"


"Deepen your Practice.

Feed your Soul. Learn to teach."


Immerse yourself in yoga practice and discover all that it has to offer; physically, mentally and spiritually, all within a diverse, nurturing and supportive environment. We invite you to enroll in our upcoming 200 hr or 300 trainings or just simple come to one of our events.

At Axis Yoga Trainings, students from Denver and beyond are guided, step by step, in how to teach and instruct others on their yogic journeys. You will Learn:

    • To deepen your study from a holistic perspective and practice in new and empowering ways
    • How to construct a tailor-made practice designed to address your specific needs
    • Classical yoga theory accompanied by transformational, hands-on exercises
    • Specific breathing methods that give one direct access to stabilizing the mind and body

Next Training Classes Starting in 2016

200hr Training Sessions Begins February 23rd, 2016

300hr Training Sessions Begins June 8th, 2016

NEW!  Monthly AYT Community Classes.

These classes offers an ongoing bridge for past students to renew their yoga practice and reconnect with AYT’s community.  It is also a wonderful venue for those seeking to learn more about our offerings or simply want to experience a dynamic yoga class that integrates theory, postures and dedicated time for pranayama and meditation.

January 24, 2016, 10:00 am: Awakening to Spirit through Sunlight

February 21, 2016, 10:00 am: Deepening Through Meditation

March 27, 2016, 10:00 am: The Yoga of Self-Discovery

200 hour yoga teacher training

How do we cultivate our highest self in today’s often hectic and face paced world?

Yoga teaches that deep inside each and everyone of us, we are intrinsically Free. We are vibrant, luminous and benevolent expressions of One Universal Source.

Yet, we are pulled in so many directions by the demands, distractions and temptations of our embodied lives, that we fall away from our radiant nature. Our potential lies dormant; our health, happiness and relationships suffer.

We are wise to turn to the ancient and timeless wisdom of yoga. Established in Denver, Axis Yoga Trainings is dedicated to supporting you in teaching and practicing yoga, so that you can excel in all areas in your life: career, health, family, spiritually and more.

At Axis Yoga Trainings, students from Denver and beyond are guided, step by step, in how to teach and instruct others on their yogic journeys. As over 350 of our graduates will attest, the training builds consistently, week after week, month after month into a cohesive whole, embodied experience.