200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Denver’s Premier Yoga Instructor Certification Training

Immerse yourself in yoga practice and discover all that it has to offer; physically, mentally and spiritually, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Are you really ready… to dive into yoga, release old mental and physical patterns that hold you back, discover the full-spectrum of what yoga has to offer and learn how to share the practices with others?

The content of the training could be a good fit for you if…

    • You are interested in deepening your study, learning about yoga from a holistic perspective and learning techniques that will dramatically alter the way you practice
    • You want to learn how construct a tailor-made practice designed to address your specific constitutional needs
    • You have been so moved by the practice that you want to share/teach it with others
    • You want to take your understanding of the physical alignment and energetic principles of postures to a totally new level!
    • You want to participate in real-time lifestyle experiments in a safe and empowering way with the support of your committed peers

During our time together, you will be given an extraordinary amount of inspiring and practical information that will serve you well beyond the life of the program. The teachings are presented in such a way that it allows for the ongoing and progressive integration of the material.

As many of our graduates attest, the training builds consistently, week after week, month after month into a cohesive whole, embodied experience.  Overall, the process of the training, and yoga itself, should have a very beneficial effect on one’s work, spiritual, social and family life.


Training Days:
Tuesday 6-9pm
Saturday 1-6
Sunday 1-6

Training Dates:
Feb. (13,17,18) (20,24,*25) (27)
Mar. (3,4) (6,10,11) (13,17,18) (20,24,*25) (27,31)
April (1) (3,7,8) (10,—,—) (17,21,22) (24,28,29)
May (1,5,6) (8,12,13) (15,19,20) (22,26,27)

Breaks: April 14,15
*Day Long Program (9am-6pm): Feb. 25, Mar. 25


Training Days:
Tuesday: 6-9pm
Saturday: 1-6
Sunday: 1-6

Training Dates:
Sept. (4,8,*9) (11,15,16) (18,22,23) (25,29,30)
Oct. (2,6,*7) (9,13,-) (16,20,21) (23,27,28) (30)
Nov. (3,4) (6,10,*11) (13,17,18) (20, -, -) (27)
Dec. (1,2) (4,8,9) (11,15,16)

Breaks: Oct. 14, Nov. 24, 25
*Day Long (9am-6pm): Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 11


Ever since our very first training in 2003, Axis has aspired to develop the highest quality programs at an affordable price.

We envision a program where people from many different backgrounds can come together in the spirit of yoga, thrive and learn to share the practices with others. We want to make the teachings as accessible as possible.

Receive the 100% committed support of your teachers and peers, and get your 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Designation.

Take advantage of the Early Bird Discount!

– Register by Jan 22nd, 2018 and receive the discounted tuition rates.

– Choose from 2 payment options, both with a $250 non-refundable deposit.

Meet Your Teachers


Derik Eselius
Theory, Pranayama, Asana, Student Teaching & Meditation


Brenna Hatami N.D
Experiential Flowing Practice


Susan Bernhardt

“Count me in!”

Hear from some of our students

Out of my experience during this wonderful training, I have grown in all ways. I am better prepared to offer my love and skill, in all areas of life, as a service and contribution. I now have the confidence and skill to support others in the practice of yoga, which is a huge privilege. Maybe more importantly, I have grounded and shaped my personal commitment to the practice of yoga. I found community, guidance, challenge and growth in my training. The difference this training made in my life is unforgettable, so dear and worth every bit of effort. Thank you,Thank you!!

Kathy D.
Kathy D.

Axis yoga brought me back into myself again. The teaching program not only strengthen my awareness of the global reach of yoga but also honored my gifts as a teacher and scholar of contemplative practice and African healing traditions. The training helped to revitalize my spirit! The teaching program helped me align my spiritual values with a mind and body connection and invited me to live more fully into my purpose, and find new meaning in life. The value of the Axis Yoga is incredible. If you are looking for a boost in life a new way to revitalize your practice, and clarity on your purpose and meaning in life, you’ve found it!

Melanie H.
Melanie H.

I decided to enroll in Axis Yoga’s program because I have been teaching yoga for three years and wanted a registered 200 hour yoga alliance training. The program was more than I could have ever hoped for! I wanted something that was true classical yoga. Beyond just asana. This program delivered! My own personal practice grew immensely as well as my technique as a teacher. The classical hatha yoga teachings were just what I needed.

Ashley C.
Ashley C.

Participating in Axis Yoga’s training was one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences for me. My knowledge of yoga has expanded so much and this program has helped build a foundation upon which my practice will continue to evolve. Each teacher was so caring and committed and their dedication alone was quite inspiring. Yoga, because of this training, has become so much more spiritual to me and more profound in my life. I don’t believe you can partake in this program without experiencing a sense of self-evolution – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Jessica M.
Jessica M.

First off, thank you so much for the intensive: the knowledge and experience you have given me was the foundation I needed to actively pursue my spiritual journey. The program was an opportunity to deepen my experiential knowledge of Yoga, from the introspective work of meditation and pranayama to the physical reformation of asana. The community that was born from the intensive was the quintessence of the program and through the support of the teachers and student I was able to develop my personal, integrated practice of yoga. Without the guidance of Derik, Brenna, Susan and friends from the program, none of this would have been possible. Thank you my dearest mentors.

Adam C.
Adam C.

I have evolved personally by becoming more aware of yoga practices aside from just asana.  I have cultivated a daily meditation practice.  I have been exposed to (and loved!) chanting.  I have challenged many of my previously held ideas and beliefs about yoga and life. Any yogi with a desire to deepen their own practice or become a teacher would benefit from this program.  The instructors are amazing!

Robin C.
Robin C.

Our Curriculum

The 200hr. program is divided into three distinct phases:

    1. Foundational Methods, weeks 1-4, offer an in-depth immersion into yoga practice.  Here you  will learn the primary postures, meditative forms, breathing techniques and theory that we will build upon throughout the training.
    1. The second component, weeks 5-9 emphasize a more detailed understanding of the subtle body components of practice, their therapeutic application and teaching techniques. We will also give intensified instruction in Ayurveda.  You will complete this segment with living tools to live a balanced and healthy life. Here we are introduced to the practice of Bhakti Yoga in this portion of class.
    1. The final segment weeks 10-15, focus almost exclusively on refining teaching methods, continuing personal practice and conclude with a teaching practicum.

Content for the course will include:

    • Yoga Alliance Certified Program -200 Hour Certification
    • Asana, taught from both the Vinyasa & Stationery Perspective
    • Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, Pranayama & Meditation
    • Ayurveda, Anatomy, Physiology & Therapeutics
    • Teaching Methodology, Skills & Communication
    • Devotional Practices (Kirtan, Arti)

“Yes, I am ready to take the next step and apply for AYT’s Yoga Teacher Training program!”