Denver Yogis! Are You Ready To Dive Into The Traditional Teachings of Yoga, Release Old Mental & Physical Patterns That Hold You Back, and Learn How To Share The Practices With Others?

From: Derik Eselius

RE: Discover Yoga From A Holistic Perspective and Understanding Techniques That Will Dramatically Alter The Way You Practice.

Hi, I’m Derik Eselius, the founding director of Axis Yoga Training. With the growing popularity of yoga, there is also a growing number of students who desire to take their practice to the next level and teach. Axis was one of the first schools in Denver to offer a complete 200-hour certified yoga teacher program that is uniquely tailored to those wishing to study yoga in its entirety.

Established in 2003, the Axis Yoga Training program offers a specialized teaching methodology that will propel you into a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga, whether your desire is to become a successful yoga teacher or simply gain the tools to dissolve old habit patterns that derail your ability to be fully present in life.

  • Have you experienced the benefits of yoga and know that it has so much more to offer, but need additional support and guidance to get to the next level?
  • Do you want to share what you’ve learned with others and become certified to teach?
  • Are you interested in deepening your study, learning about yoga from a holistic perspective and understanding techniques that will dramatically alter the way you practice?
  • Do you want to take your understanding of the physical alignment and energetic principles of postures to a completely new level?

If you can relate to any one or more of these statements above, you’re in the right place. The Axis Yoga Training Program, shows you how to construct a tailor-made practice designed to address your specific constitutional needs, discover the hidden depth of yoga and guide you into becoming a teacher.


What We Will Teach You In
Axis’ Certified Yoga Training:

  1. How to dive into being a student and learn the essential postures, breathing techniques, meditations, theory and lifestyle teachings that will bring a whole new level of clarity, intention and capacity around your life.
  2. We will support you in developing a home practice so that you can experience the benefits of yoga on a daily basis.
  3. Specific strategies and exercises that will help you integrate yoga into every aspect of your life including: your home, career, relationships and support your deepest aspirations.
  4. You will be guided, step-by- step, into the art and science of sharing yoga practice with others. In this piece, you will learn the classic teaching mistakes to avoid, how to most effectively direct the room, discover the business side of getting started teaching and receive your certification.

Be completely supported, in deepening your personal and professional journey into yoga practice.

Here's The Proof That
Axis' Program Works...

Shigeko Leveque

“I can’t even express enough how rich the program is! I was thinking about taking a yoga teacher training for a very long time but it took me only one session/conversation with Derik to decide to dive into the program! All the teachers are amazingly knowledgeable too. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and giving me the confidence and knowledge to be a teacher.”

Shigeko Leveque
Meghan Coffey

“I am so grateful for the experience 
and the teachers at Axis! I had been practicing yoga for about three years when I decided I wanted to deepen my practice even more - not just focus on asana. I thrived because I had the support and training of incredible teachers who are dedicated to the practice and success of the students. Axis’ program prepared me to be a positive and authentic yoga teacher.”

Meghan Coffey
Sandy Chervenak

“My yoga practice and my life have been fully altered in beautiful ways by the yoga teacher training I completed with Axis. I have never felt healthier than I did during the training, and my practice had never been so deep. Now I have the tools to teach yoga to troubled teens twice a week with the confidence that I can guide them through it. I am eternally grateful to Axis for all of these gifts!”

Sandy Chervenak
John Madden

"My perception of yoga immediately changed…I researched Yoga Teacher Training's in Denver and that led me back to Derik and AYT. Having a place to learn that solely focused on training teachers carried a lot of weight in my decision. This was the school for me! The teachers at AYT delivered teachings for a lifetime; the yoga that was covered was beyond anything I had expected."

John Madden

What To Expect During Axis'
Certified Yoga Training Program...

Axis Yoga Training’s 200-hour, classically-based, yoga teacher training happens in the Spring and Fall (Axis also offers advanced 300-hour programs and retreats). Training sessions are conveniently designed to meet a typical working person's schedule.

During our time together, you will be given an extraordinary amount of inspiring and practical information that will serve you well beyond the life of the program. The teachings are presented in such a way that it allows for the ongoing and progressive integration of the material.

As many of our graduates attest, the training builds consistently, week after week, month after month into a cohesive whole, embodied experience.  Overall, the process of the training, and yoga itself, should have a very beneficial effect on one’s work, spiritual, social and family life.

Fall Session: Beg. September - Mid. December
Tuesday Evenings
Saturday & Sunday Afternoons

Spring Session: End February - Beg. June
Tuesday Evenings
Saturday & Sunday Afternoons




We offer two training sessions per year with 24 spots per session. I invite you to secure your spot right now while there is availability. If you desire specific strategies and exercises that will help you integrate yoga into every aspect of your life including: your home, career, relationships and support your deepest aspirations, I would encourage you to take the next step in your yoga evolution and submit your application form today.

Invest in something for yourself that will benefit your life and the life of others for years to come.

satisfaction-128We want to make sure all of our students are happy and feel that the Axis Yoga Training program is the best match for them. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of presentation or the depth of the content you receive during the first two weeks of the training, I will refund your money in full! (minus your non-refundable deposit).

Axis Yoga Training specializes in providing a complete, in-depth and unique experience for our students. Regardless of which YTT you decide to enroll in, I hope you find one that aligns with and supports your goals, values and aspirations. If you're ready to take your practice to the next level, I look forward to receiving your application!

Derik Eselius
Founder & Director, Axis Yoga Training