Denver’s Premier Yoga Instructor Certification Training


Founded in 2003, Axis Yoga is Denver’s original traditionally-based yoga institute focused exclusively on teacher trainings for dedicated students who are hungry to discover yoga beyond the poses; guided by three core instructors with thousands of hours of international study under world-renowned teachers.

Axis was established and continues to be operated by Derik Eselius and Brenna Hatami, a husband a wife team.

Derik began studying yoga in 1991 during an off-chance journey to India at the age of 19. India set the tone for what would become a lifelong, dedicated yoga practice that continues to this day. Brenna discovered yoga in 1989, has studied in India on multiple occasions and is one of Axis’ core teachers

Drawing from their classical study Derik, Brenna and their small hand picked staff, present yoga in its totality, far beyond a scripted sequence of poses. Axis breaks the mold of most yoga studios by specializing in only extended, in depth trainings.

We like to joke that Axis is HQ for Denver’s “Yoga Underground”, inspiring a movement of diverse yet like minded yogis who are ready to discover themselves more fully and become agents of good in the world, whether through teaching or simply how they conduct themselves in life.

Axis draws a diverse array of students; economically, ethnically, and socially who are all united by a common love of yoga and desire to make the same gift available to their communities.

“The more you work on yoga the more yoga works on you”
-Baba Hari Dass


Is Axis the Best Fit for Me?

Have you thought about doing yoga teacher training for some time….
Is there an emotional nerve in you that says “Yes!” after practicing?
Perhaps you are longing to make a difference by sharing yoga with others?

If the answer is “Yes”, you may have found your tribe.

Axis is for people who are drawn to explore the depth and untapped potential of yoga practice. Axis is for practitioners who recognize that their proficiency at yoga is not measured by their ability to do handstand in the middle of the room.

People who are interested in their self-development and have an eye toward making yoga accessible to everyone, thrive at Axis. Graduates of Axis Yoga teach in a variety of settings including: gyms, recreation centers, studios, social work settings, businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, senior centers, and many other locations.

Axis is for people who are ready to expand the reach of their practice beyond their individual fulfillment, and be naturally propelled towards make meaningful contributions to their classmates in a safe, energizing, and dynamic learning environment. If you value conscious community and group synergy you will value Axis.

Axis is a place to call “Home”.

To find out more if Axis is the best fit for you in invite you to contact Derik personally and or complete an application.

Derik Eselius, to the right of Baba Hari Dass, leading a group of High School students through India in 1997.