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Yogis Don’t Need Resolutions

Break the Mold of Traditional “Resolutions” Welcome to a New Year yogis! As we set new intentions, goals and visions for the next 12 months let’s all agree that we can ditch the word “resolution”. Many people equate “resolution” with trying to change some behavior for a while, only to be met with inevitable egoic […]

Mindful Gift Giving 6 Ways

Giving in a way that promotes mindfulness take some intention. It’s the Holiday season. So it’s just natural to be in a state of gratitude and celebration. Our focus is on family, friends….and gift giving. We also find ourselves in the throws of marketing, advertising and frivolous consumption. How can we remain mindful in this […]

5 Simple Ways to Invigorate Your “OM”

These 5 things will elevate your OM and revolutionize your practice Historically, yogis believed that there was an inseparable relationship between yoga and sound/sound vibrations.  Since the earliest ages the sages chanted devotional hymns, meditated on the sound of chakras, and recited mantras -traditions that live on into this day. Perhaps you have experienced some of […]

4 Tips for Vitality

The Yoga of Cleansing & Four Tips for Increased Vitality Cleansing has become almost a household word these days. There are many reported and researched health benefits that come from cleansing such as improved digestion, reduced inflammation, dislodging environmental toxins and losing weight. However, I believe there  are even more benefits to be gained from doing […]

Yoga, the Path of Shadow and Light

  I like to tell people that yoga is born out of adversity and a deep desire to know the truth.   Yoga is just as much about understanding our darkness as it is about understanding our  light.  It teaches how to navigate the valleys and climb to the peaks; without one you could not have […]

What Does Yoga Say About Life Off the Mat?

  The Yoga of Not-You Traditionally, yoga was offered freely in service of the welfare of the whole creation. As students and teachers of yoga, how do we live in alignment with this noble ideal and still pay the bills? How do we live in attunement with yogic principles and fulfill our responsibilities? Classic yoga […]

10 Tips on Choosing a Denver Yoga Teacher Training

The Top Must-Ask Questions Before Choosing a YTT   Some have called Colorado the mecca of yoga. And as the popularity of both yoga and Colorado as THE place to live have grown, the number of certified yoga teacher training programs have skyrocketed. A quick internet search will turn up dozens of training programs throughout […]

Why Go on Retreat? Invitation to Crestone, CO

  Why YOU need a retreat. And the perfect time is this Labor Day!   Derik Eselius and Beth Sanchez want to personally invite you to spend Labor Day weekend with them in beautiful Crestone, CO! The Labor Day Yoga Retreat takes place September 1 – 4, 2017. Spots are limited so register today! The […]

3 Natural Cures for Pain Caused by Inflammation

Inflammation. The source of pain and three things you can do about it!   We often hear a lot about “inflammation” but what does that really mean? Inflammation starts on a cellular level and involves a cascade of chemical reactions in the body that lead to aches and pains. Inflammation can occur anywhere in the […]

Congrats 200 Hr. Graduates!

  Congratulations! I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our spring 2017 graduating class!  After nearly four months of intensified yoga study and practice, they have blossomed into mature teachers who are ready to pass the gift of yoga along to our greater community. Each class has a unique character.  This particular class was […]