Events & Open Houses

“A Taste of Axis”
Teacher Training Open Houses

Come find out more about Axis Yoga’s ongoing yoga teacher trainings. This will be a great opportunity to experience a class, meet graduates, get your questions answered and get a taste of what Axis is all about!

Open House! – 200 hour Training

When: Sunday Jan. 7 & Sunday Jan. 21st, from 9:30-11am
Where: Sixth Ave. UCC – Upstairs
3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Open House! – 300 hour Training

When: Feb. 18th, and April 22nd 2018 Sunday from 9:30-11am
Where: Sixth Ave. UCC – Upstairs
3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Community Events & Workshops

Chanting Workshop
“Awakening to the Light”

Step out of the fray and into a dedicated time of peace as we set aside the past and welcome the light of the new year. Join us as we chant the Gayatri Mantra, a prayer for inner illumination and inspiration, 108 times. This workshop will be accompanied by a theoretical introduction and experiential meditation.

When: Sun. Dec. 31st, 9-11
Cost: Good Will Offering (Sug. $15-20)
Registration: At the Door
Location: 3250 E. Sixth Ave.  “The Church”

Trauma Informed
Workshop for Yoga Teachers

This workshop is born of a desire to be of service and make yoga informative, inclusive, relevant, and accessible. Our goal is to expand our understanding of the interface between trauma and yoga practice.

Come learn about the impact of trauma, how it lives in the body and how to be mindful of working with people with such a condition. This workshop is geared towards expanding our understanding of trauma, it is not intended to fully prepare you to be trauma specific yoga teacher.

When: Sat. Jan. 13th 3-6pm & Sun. Jan. 14th 1-6pm (Participate in either the first day or attend both)
Cost: Good Will Offering (give within your means)
This 2-day workshop is valued at $195 and all proceeds will go to support Yoga for the People’s outreach and efforts to bring yoga to marginalized communities. Click here to donate.
Learn More & RSVP: Click here
Location: 3250 E. Sixth Ave. “The Church”

Past Events

AYT Student Practicums

Treat yourself to a one of kind yoga class!
 All members of the public are welcome to attend Axis Yoga Trainings graduating student’s practicums. Our community minded school will be celebrating the holiday season with free yoga and refreshments.

 Each of these classes will be totally unique. Come on out, show your support to the students, move your body and feel renewed.

Practicum I: Hatha Yoga and the Subtle Body
Sun. Dec. 10th, 1-2:15 (Lourdes, Dani)
Practicum II: Yoga and the Three Modes of Practice
Sun. Dec. 10th, 2:45-4:15 (Jayson, Conor, Symone)

Practicum III The Yoga of Mind and Universe
Sat. Dec. 16th, 1-2:15 (Corinne, Alfonso)
Practicum IV Yoga, Living in Harmony with Nature
Sat. Dec. 16th, 2:45-4 (Helena, Marc)

Sixth Ave. UCC – “The Church” – Upstairs
3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Yantra Painting

Axis Yoga will be conducting a yantra painting workshop at the Shiva Mandir, our sister “studio”.  A yantra is a sacred geometrical form that is highly charged with symbolic meaning, and literal power. Learn more about these mystical yogic icons as you paint your very own yantra.  You will leave this enlightening workshop with a framed finished product, blessed by your higher intentions.
When: Sun. Dec. 3rd, 8:30-12
Cost: $72
Registration: Call 720-934-6934 to pre-register by Dec. 1st
Location: 1391 SOUTH Pennsylvania St.

Gong Bath - Axis Yoga


Sat. Nov. 18th. 7pm-8:30

We are pleased to announce a very special guest performance by none other than Denver’s beloved hero of sound healing, Mr. Gary Fishman.  Gary’s “Gong Baths” are extraordinarily soothing and renewing to the entire nervous system.  See more at Gary’s personal website, songs of the milky way.Bring something comfortable to rest on the ground with.

I look forward to seeing you all!

When: Sat. Nov. 18th, 7-8:30pm
Cost: Good Will Offering (Sug. $15-20)
Registration: At the Door
Location: 3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Beyond the Pose Class - Axis Yoga


Sun. Nov. 5th, 9-10:30am

Move your body and make space for a clearer, more expansive, heart and mind as you support underrepresented communities to do the same! All proceeds from this class will go towards making yoga programs accessible to veterans, people in recovery, people in prison and more through Yoga Makes Change. Love to see you there!

When: Sun. Nov. 5th, 9-10:30am
Cost: Good Will Offering (Sug. $15-20)
Registration: At the Door
Location: 3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Fall Cleanse - with Dr. Brenna Hatami and Axis Yoga


Sundays. Oct. 8, 15  |  11-12:30pm

Press the renew button on your Health & Vitality!
Join Brenna Hatami, Naturopathic Doctor for her annual fall cleanse.  This newly revised 10 day program will consist of gradual dietary modifications that will lead up to 3 days of juicing.  The newly revised format will also include 3 yoga classes to help your body integrate and become truly whole.

This program  teaches you how to cleanse and purify your body of metabolic and environmental poisons and how to identify foods you may be allergic to.

– Menu ideas and recipes provided
– Gentle relaxing yoga classes for new or established students
– Having group support is key to following through & empowering yourself!

Some of the benefits you can expect to experience:
– Lose weight:   Not just fat but toxic bloat so you feel better
– Decrease Inflammation: In your sinuses, lungs, joints and muscles, and skin
– Improve Digestive problems
– Improved energy
– Feel  DEEPLY  relaxed and restored

When: Sun. Oct. 8, 15, 11-12pm
Cost: $199 Includes support and informational meetings, booklet, recipes, and all supplements.
Registration: Dr. Hatami | 303-320-1174 | Email
Location: 3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Yoga In The Park - Axis Yoga
Yoga in the Park with Derik Eselius
Join us as we take in the fresh air and sunlight during our yoga session in the park. This enjoyable light-hearted and refreshing class will open your body, expand your breath and renew your heart and mind. Bring your mat and a friend as we honor the summer season by practicing yoga in the park!

When: Sat. Aug.19th from 8:30- 9:45
Cost: $12 suggested good will offering
Location: Montclair Park – 6820 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Spirit in Sun Light - Axis Yoga
21-Day Anti-Inflamatory Program with Dr. Brenna Hatami
Just by changing your diet, and taking key supplements, this 3-week program will empower you with the necessary tools to reduce inflammation in your body, prevent chronic diseases and improve mood. Receive the dedicated support of your peers as discover the path to new found health and vitality.

When: Sat. July 29th, 11-12pm & Sat. Aug. 12th, 11-12pm
Cost: $275 Includes support and informational meetings, booklet, recipes, and all supplements.
Registration: Dr. Hatami | 303-320-1174 | Email
Location: 3250 E. 6th Ave, Denver – 80206

Spirit in Sun Light - Axis Yoga
Spirit in Sun Light!
The sun is the source of profound light and energy; that selflessly bathes our planet with its life-giving power. The ancient yogis designed yoga practices to help us live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the sun, and bring more light to our own being. Come experience the classical method of sun salutations coupled with mantra and meditation as we welcome the beginnings of the summer solstice.
Sunday, June 25th. 9:30-11:30 | 3250 E. Sixth Ave. UCC ~ Upstairs

Cleanse Class - Axis Yoga
Spring Cleanse!
Spring is an ideal time of year to give your body a powerful reset, rid yourself of toxins, and find new vitality.

There are many researched health benefits of cleansing. Here are just a few:

Increased energy
Improved digestive
Reduced inflammation, thereby reducing pain
Reduced cholesterol and improved liver function
Purging environmental toxins
Losing weight!

There are even more valuable benefit to doing a cleanse… letting go of foods, and old ways of eating that don’t serve you. We all have the tendency to eat more from our emotions and habits than from the wisdom of our bellies. By taking away what we are use to, we are left to become more conscious of our unconscious habits. Peal back stagnant assumptions and immerse yourself in mental clarity and freedom!

Join Axis’ very own Dr. Brenna Hatami, who draws on nearly 20 year of experience as a naturopathic Doctor, as she leads you step-by-step into three distinct phases of the cleanse that will nurture your body’s innate healing wisdom.
Date: Wed. March 29, April 5, 12. | 6-7:30pm
Location: 3250 E. Sixth Ave. UCC ~ Upstairs
Cost: $199 -Includes Supplements!
Register: Dr. Hatami | 303-320-1174 | Email

Prana Donation Class - Axis Yoga
Yoga and Prana
Perhaps we have heard the word “prana” mentioned in a yoga class in reference to the breath, but it is much more than that. What does it mean? How does it relate to yoga and how can it add exponential depth to one’s practice? Come find out the answer to these questions and more as we learn about this essential and often overlooked dimension of yoga practice.
Sunday, March 19th. 9:30-11:30 | 3250 E. Sixth Ave. UCC ~ Upstairs