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Axis Yoga

Founded in Denver in 2003, Axis Yoga Trainings is for dedicated yoga students who want to learn lineage based yoga teachings from veteran teachers with decades of experience.  Axis will support you in deepening your practice and teach you how to be a skilled instructor – all within a safe and supportive environment.  Axis attracts a wide variety of students: socially, economically, ethnically, and generationally all of whom are united by a common love of what yoga has brought to their lives.

Immersion and Teaching

Anyone who has a sincere desire to discover yoga beyond the poses and deepen their personal practice (whether at home of in a group class setting) will benefit enormously from Axis’ training.

Those who are intent on teaching will also get the support they need to share the practice with others.  Not sure if you want to teach? We can help you answer that question too.


  • Deepen your study of yoga from a lineage-based perspective with seasoned teachers with decades of experience
  • Study yoga as a comprehensive system with dedicated time for pranayama, meditation, the study of classic texts and the spiritual dimensions of the yoga tradition
  • Learn to design tailored made asana practices to address specific physical, and mental-emotional changes. Become your own primary care resource.  The lessons will serve you into the rest of your life.
  • Gain the necessary confidence and skills to effectively share yoga with others

“One of the fondest, most exceptional experiences of my life.”

The entire experience was better than I ever could have imagined. The essence of yoga emerges and speaks for itself.

Tracy Rubino

“The training helped to revitalize my spirit!”

The teaching program helped me align my spiritual values with a mind and body connection and invited me to live more fully into my purpose, and find new meaning in life. Sign up today!

Melanie Harris

“I can’t even express enough how rich the program is!”

It took me only one session/conversation with Derik to decide to dive into the program! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and giving me the confidence and knowledge to be a teacher.

Shigeko Leveque

“I am so grateful for the experience
 and the teachers at Axis!”

I had been practicing yoga for about three years when I decided I wanted to deepen my practice even more -not just focus on asana. The teachers are dedicated to the practice and success of the students, preparing me to be a positive and authentic yoga teacher.

Meghan Coffey

“I feel like I became part of an amazing community with my Axis teachers and the other students.”

I had been practicing yoga asana for 5 years before then, not even knowing that I could be getting so much more out of my practice and my life -my practice had never been so deep.

Sandy Chervenak

“The Axis Yoga Training was an incredible experience!”

Whether you want to teach, broaden your personal practice or both, AYT is a fabulous venue to delve deeper into the subtleties of yoga. It’s a wonderful investment!

Ashley Golder

“I was a pretty experienced student of Yoga asanas (postures). But I knew that there must be much more…”

Axis Yoga exceed all my expectations and gave me experiences I never expected to have!

Brooke Lewis

“Participation in AYT training was the pivot point in my personal practice”

It has allowed me to work with my students at a much higher level of confidence and expertise.  AYT is unique in its approach and exemplifies what I feel are the very best precepts of Yoga.

Phil Greenburg

“Axis helped me move beyond my challenges and take my personal practice to a new level.”

I truly enjoy serving as an instructor in the 4 classes I teach each week. Axis instructors are authentic and experienced -makes me proud to have studied under them.

Shannon Cornelius

“Having a place to learn that solely focused on training teachers carried a lot of weight in my decision.”

I researched Yoga Teacher Trainings in Denver and that led me back to Derik and AYT.

John Madden

Want to find out if Axis is a good fit?  Complete an application and receive a personal reply.

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