Denver’s Yoga Teacher Training for Dedicated Students


Welcome to the site.  I suspect that yoga has been an integral part of your development and you came here either to enrich your education, or are looking to take your practice to the next level and do a yoga teacher training.

Perhaps you have a desire to take a few steps outside of the mainstream yoga industry and to study in a more intimate and grassroots setting.  Maybe you are someone who wants to study yoga as a holistic system (including pranayama, meditation and study of classic texts) rather than simple stopping at the asana part.

You have an appreciation for the historic roots of the yoga tradition and even drawn to the spiritual dimensions of the practice.

You might value:

  • Are more interested in depth or practice than being stimulated and entertained
  • Spending time with fellow yogis who communicate openly, are willing to be vulnerable and are committed to the path
  • Have some interest in a yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Have regard for plight of humanity and believe that yoga can be a path of healing

Maybe you have sufficient self awareness to recognize the places you get stuck in life, can see your shadow and light, and have a commitment to living into the most authentic and best version of yourself.

If any of this rings true, Axis Yoga Trainings could be a good fit for you.


Founded in 2003, Axis Yoga is Denver’s original traditionally-based yoga institute focused exclusively on teacher trainings, workshops and retreats for dedicated students who are hungry to discover yoga beyond the poses; guided by three core instructors with thousands of hours of international study under world-renowned teachers.

Axis was established and continues to be operated here locally in Denver by husband and wife team Derik Eselius and Brenna Hatami.

Derik began studying yoga in 1991 during an off-chance journey to India at the age of 19. India set the tone for what would become a lifelong, dedicated yoga practice that continues to this day. Brenna discovered yoga in 1989, has studied in India on multiple occasions and is one of Axis’ core teachers.

Drawing from their classical study Derik, Brenna and their small hand picked staff, present yoga in its totality, far beyond a scripted sequence of poses. Axis breaks the mold of most yoga studios by specializing in only extended, in depth trainings.

We like to joke that Axis is HQ for Denver’s “Yoga Underground”, inspiring a movement of diverse yet like minded yogis who are ready to discover themselves more fully and become agents of good in the world, whether through teaching or simply how they conduct themselves in life.

Axis draws a diverse array of students; economically, ethnically, and socially who are all united by a common love of yoga and desire to make the same gift available to their communities.

“The more you work on yoga the more yoga works on you”
-Baba Hari Dass