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The Center of the Universe is Right Here

As we gear up for our upcoming Spring retreat, we are examining the theme of “returning to center” and what it means. Beth Sanchez is special guest on our blog today and will be co-teaching the retreat. Let us know what you think about the notion of returning to center and self reflection. And thank […]

How to Go Inward & Find Your Center

Finding your center means more balance, focus and awareness.   “Center everywhere, circumference nowhere.” -Kaivalya Upanishad   What does it mean to be at the center of your life?  Do you find yourself chasing an endless “to do” list that only expands the more items you scratch off?  Both Greek and Yogic myths tell the story […]

6 Reasons A Cleanse Should Be In Your Near Future

Spring is the ideal time of year to give your body a powerful reset. In addition to ridding yourself of toxins and finding new vitality, there are many researched health benefits of cleansing. And we are doing a cleanse in Denver this month if you’re so inclined! Here are just a few: Increased energy Improved digestive […]

The Power of Prana in Yoga Practice

Yoga beyond poses consists of your breath Most of us know yoga through the postures.  Perhaps we have even heard the Sanskrit word “prana” mentioned in class, though this is the exception to the rule.  Traditionally speaking, the pranic-force is fundamental to yoga practice (including the postures) and is as essential as sunlight is to a […]

3 Reasons You Should Be Meditating

A look at the benefits of regular mediation Why Meditate? It was only a couple of decades ago that meditation was regarded as something reserved for mystical spiritual seekers; it had something to do with eating brown rice with tofu. Now, it is practiced everywhere from pre-schools to prisons, from hospitals to monasteries. It can even […]

What happens when you meditate daily?

An experiment in daily meditation   An account from one of our yoga teacher training students… My personal experiment was to construct a continuous meditate practice outside of yoga class. My plan was to do it every morning, considering that is when I had the most time for myself, and to do it 20 minutes a day. […]

Yoga Resolution 9: Share Your Practice

Shout it from the rooftops! Yoga Resolution #9: Share Your Practice   Welcome to a new beginning! Congratulations on making it to the final installment of our nine part series on setting our intentions for the new year!  I hope the series has been enlightening for you and has helped to propel you into a powerful […]

Yoga Resolution 8: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

Live and grow in a state of appreciate. Yoga Resolution #8: Let Gratitude Be Your Guide Let’s begin with a word of appreciation for all of your dedicated effort to live into your 2017 resolve!  Now, in this moment, reflect upon your three greatest victories in the new year and then softly smile to yourself for […]

Yoga Resolution 7: Give Yourself An “A” for Effort

High-five yourself! You deserve it! Yoga Resolution #7: Give Yourself An “A” for Effort It comes easier for some than for others…  Some have a natural propensity to take their shortcomings in stride.  Thankfully, a positive outlook and the ability to genuinely acknowledge your successes is something we can cultivated. We began this series by […]

Yoga Resolution 6: Try Something New

Get out of your comfort zone in 2017! Yoga Resolution #6: Try Something New These three words are an invitation to awaken fresh insights and experiences into your life.  They sound simple enough, however it can be challenging to break the mold of our familiar patterns and activities.  Your brain is literally wired to feel safe with […]