Axis Yoga Community

In our own small way, the training is committed to bringing forth greatness in the world through the direct process of the program and the many lives it touches. The impact of a sincere and dedicated yoga practice extends far beyond the individual.

We envision a yoga teacher training program where students and teachers co-create a vibrant, living community that maximizes relationships, creates partnerships, fosters creativity and in so doing supports the participants in the practice of yoga and the greater process of life itself.

Have you ever felt motivated to take on something new and needed some additional support?

Your fellow yoga practitioners will dramatically contribute to your overall study and experience and help to bring out the best of your knowledge and abilities.  Our specialized curriculum not only enhances the learning process but encourages supportive bonds between students at the same time.  Many students remain friends long after the training.

What is Axis Yoga Trainings Community like?

Over 400 people from all walks of life and locations including Denver, Summit County and as far away as Iowa have all completed Axis Yoga Trainings’ program.  AYT also introduces students to a wide network of graduates, local yoga studios, community yoga programs and many experienced, specialized yoga teachers.

Examples of where Axis grads have gone on to teach include:

Residential refugee housing, mental health agencies, community/rec centers, seniors, studios, businesses, schools, the Denver Museum, people in recovery, hospitals, board members for yoga for the people, become studio owners, classes for people of color, trauma sensitive classes, sheriff’s department, athletic clubs and more….