Spaces Still Remaining Open for Our Spring 2014 Program!!! 

“I didn’t think twice about doing it for a second year and I’ve had an even more fulfilling experience than I anticipated.”     -Laura White

You will go through this transformational journey with the unified support of fellow yogis. The Axis Yoga staff collectively has over 100 years of experience to offer you and draws upon leading guest-presenters to add further depth to the program. We are fully committed to delivering the most in depth and insight provoking experience possible.

Each session is unique and we encourage you to attend all of them. We also recognize that the program is a major commitment of your time and energy and 100% attendance is not required in order to participate.  For those seeking certification with Axis Yoga Trainings and or registration with the Yoga Alliance, we have build-in 13 hours of additional content.  Meaning you can be absent for 13 hour and still fulfill the minimal amount of time required for certification/registration.  Extra Credit opportunities will also be made available on a fee per service basis.

Calendar: Fall  2013
Training Days
Tuesday 6-9pm
Saturday 1-6pm
Sunday 1-6pm

Sept. 3,7,8 . 10,14,15 . 17,21.22 . 24, 28,29 .
Oct. 1,5,6 . 8,13* . 15,19,20 . 22,26,27 . 29,
Nov. 2,3 . 5,9,10* . 12,16,17 . 19,23,24 . 26
Dec. 1 . 3,7,8 . 10,14,15 . Graduation!
Breaks: Oct. 12 and Nov. 30th
Day Long Program*: Oct. 13, Nov. 10 (9am-6pm)

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